Ecuador’s Volcanoes Beauty

Similarly as there are numerous approaches to experience a goal, today there are numerous way to do as such. One of them — maybe the most novel, phenomenal and audacious — is a helicopter flyover.

In Ecuador, a few organizations have built up this sort of the travel industry item. These are getting progressively famous, since seeing a scene from above has an uncommon and

unexpected appeal in comparison to one gave from down underneath. A helicopter overflight is a special experience, offering life-changing points of view and feelings.

The tremendousness of the valleys and good countries of Ecuador’s Andes seem like a gigantic impressionist work of art from the air. From this vantage, you can see the various shades of green, the orange sparkle of dawns and dusks, and cascades looking like fine

straightforward strings slipping through extraordinary gullies. This is refreshing from a flight, permitting voyagers to experience an elective adaptation of this little locale’s excellence, which is as of now known for its incredible regular and human decent variety.

In Ecuador, the Avioandes organization offers four ethereal courses, each flying out from the capital of Ecuador: Quito. The most limited course keeps going 35 minutes while the longest is around 90. The overflights venture to every part of the Ecuadorian Andes in an armada of five helicopters,

which have piled on a sum of over 25,000 hours of flight time. Agreeing to all worldwide wellbeing and security guidelines, notwithstanding customized consideration, this presents a novel option for going through the Ecuadorian Andes.

The overflights permit one to value all the magnificence and grandness of the “Road of the Volcanoes.” That name was given to this territory in 1812 by the German adventurer Alexander Von Humboldt in the wake of survey this striking 180-mile stretch.

Here, one can discover more than 70 volcanoes, 27 of which are dynamic. This hitting scene is loaded up with green valleys, rock trails, magma streams, and ceaseless day off.

In addition, Ecuador ‘s Andean good country fields are dabbed with Ecuadorian towns and the magnificence of tidal ponds, cascades, ravines, cavities, and valleys. The entirety of this is a piece of the magnificence that you can acknowledge from the air.

These helicopter visits remember the most significant vacation spots for the Ecuadorian Andes. Here, we depict some portion of what you can check whether you select these awesome airborne experiences.


One of the nation’s most profitable territories for milk and farming items, this town is only 30 minutes south of the Ecuadorian capital. The town is described by the broad fields in which eat groups of steers drove by the renowned Andean “chagras” (cowhands). Watching these agrarian fields from the air resembles seeing an embroidered artwork painted by aesthetic bosses, where shapes and hues uncover life at its best.

Antisana Volcano (5,758 m high)

Secured with gigantic icy masses, the Antisana Volcano is one of Ecuador’s generally pleasant. Found about 30 miles southeast of Quito, it is the fourth most elevated well of lava in the nation. From the air, you will have the option to spot magma streams on its inclines, remainders of its last ejection. Watch the encompassing scene of tidal ponds, Andean paramos, and the extent of its marvelous icy mass itself – a blessing saved for not many bold voyagers.

Cotopaxi Volcano (5,897 m above ocean level)

The second most elevated fountain of liquid magma in Ecuador, and one of the most noteworthy dynamic volcanoes on the planet, the Cotopaxi Volcano has a completely even and blanketed cone. Going here offers one of the most great displays – both from the beginning noticeable all around.

Bosques del Cotopaxi

The Cotopaxi National Park possesses one of the most different and delightful indigenous habitats in Ecuador. Its fauna incorporates birds of prey, condors, hummingbirds, spectacled bears, ungulates, panthers, wild ponies and different species, which ideally you can spot from the air.

Papallacta Lake

One of the most wonderful in the Andean territory, this lake was shaped after a significant emission of the Antisana spring of gushing lava. It benefits from the defrosts and streams from the Cayambe, Sarahurco and Antisana ice sheets.

Center of the World

Another of Ecuador’s significant destinations, you can value the “Center of the World” on this overflight. Not exclusively will you cross the tropical line in mid-air, however going along it from West to East will lead you to transcending Middle of the World landmark and the little fortification that encompasses it.

Pasochoa Protective Forest

A characteristic asylum of exceptional attributes and assorted variety of vegetation, this timberland is situated in the cavity of the Pasochoa Volcano. Persistently visited by scientists, understudies, picture takers and individuals who love nature, this is home to superb feathered creatures like the Andean condor. From the air, you can unmistakably observe the full degree of the fountain of liquid magma’s crumpled caldera, secured with forests and encompassed by steep bluffs.


Flying over the Ecuadorian capital will without a doubt end up being an astounding experience. Situated on a characteristic 2,800-meter-high stage at the foot of the Pichincha Volcano, this memorable Andean city offers an extraordinary scene from the air. From a position of great authority, explorers can observe the totally separated present day and pilgrim zones of the city. Furthermore, you will have the option to see a few of the human-made miracles that earned the city acknowledgment as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978. This is the ideal fascination in both start and end this extraordinary and energizing experience that will without a doubt be a life-changing experience.

The Condor Route

Between the volcanoes and the Andean fields live grand condors. While known the world over, they are – surprisingly – at risk for elimination. On this overflight, you have the chance of watching one of these great examples as well as experience their high-height space for a couple of moments.

Lake Micacocha

Here you will find one of the most lovely waterways in the Ecuadorian Andes. Situated in the Antisana biological save, you can make out the encompassing nature trails and value the widely varied vegetation run of the mill of the Andean paramo good countries.

Take to the sky and experience a portion of Ecuador’s best from this new point of view!

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